Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Kimi Kinsey

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

Are you wondering what you're missing and why everyone else seems to be making money from their blogs, but you aren't? Get the key ingredients to making your blog posts sell for you.‚Äč

What if you could...

Actually earn a decent living wage from the comfort of your home without needing to create courses or products of your own? What would that mean to you? If you could spend only as much time as you’re spending on your content right now (or less!) and make it do the heavy lifting – each blog post being a money making opportunity for you… would you want to learn how?

What's included?

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Course Introduction
Welcome & Disclaimers
2 mins
Crash Course for Beginners
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Cookies & Affiliate Links
Legal Stuff
Nofollow Links
Some Truth Bombs
Truth Bomb #1: Blogging has changed... a lot
Truth Bomb #2: Niches aren't equally profitable
Truth Bomb #3: Blog for an Audience... not a niche
Getting Started
Choosing what to sell
Finding Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Networks
How many programs should I join?
Producing Good Content
Why Your Content Matters
Problem Solving Content
Types of Affiliate Posts
Improving Conversions
Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.
Link Placement Matters
Improving Link Visibility
Dating your Posts (and I'm not talking dinner & a movie)
Buying Tips
Example 1: Kitchen Knife Guru
Example 2: Tom's Guide
Example 3: Kimi Who
Wrapping It Up...
Final Thoughts
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What makes your qualified to teach this?

I've been blogging for so long, it's absurd. I've made all of the mistakes you're making right now (and probably plenty more). I've done the work, I've done the testing. I make a full-time income as a blogger, and I know I can teach you how to do it too. 

How long will this course take?

That's entirely up to you. You could probably breeze through the content in a day, but the information you'll get will take time to implement. 

Will I need website traffic to make this course work?

I cover a section about traffic in this course. In a word, yes. But traffic isn't the end all, be all. You'll be learning to improve conversions so that you're making sales from the traffic you're already getting (even if it isn't a lot). 

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

I promise that if you implement the teachings of this course, you will see an improvement in your affiliate earnings.

I can't make any promises that you'll be making hundreds of dollars by next week or next month - It's just not realistic to ask me to do that. But I can promise that you'll walk away with an understanding of how to write blog posts that sell products.

Do I need special skills for this course?

Let's be real - You have to have some idea of how to write, how to use your content management system, and how to create links. 

What do I need for this course?

At minimum, you need to be using a platform which allows monetization. You might find that unless you are paying for some form of website hosting, you may not have permission or the capabilities to monetize.