Amazon Associate's Guidebook to Making Money (Old Version) by Kimi Kinsey

Amazon Associate's Guidebook to Making Money (Old Version)

How to use Amazon to research the perfect affiliate products for your blog posts, and sell to your audience using their own words.

Not making money with Amazon?

Stop wasting so much time just throwing up Amazon affiliate links and crossing your fingers!

Are you struggling to make sales as an Amazon Affiliate? The struggle is all too real. Amazon has a notoriously competitive affiliate program, with a super short cookie window - making sales is difficult.

That's why I wrote "How to Get Your Blog Amazon Ready" - an ebook that I know is going to help you reach your money making goals as an Amazon Affiliate. You'll learn how how to use Amazon to research products and find the best ones to share with your audience + how to sell to them using their very own words.

I'm really excited about this ebook because it really hones in on the pain points I know you're having if you aren't seeing much success with Amazon. I wish I could see the "Ah ha!" moment on your face as you read it.

What's included?

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