Welcome to Designing with Typography

My name is Kimi Kinsey and well… I’m OBSESSED with the usage of text in graphic design. I’ve got 15 years of typography experience and well… I ain’t afraid to share it. That’s what this course is all about.

I developed this course to be as non-program specific as possible (although I do have my favorites). It’s written with bloggers and other online entrepreneurs in mind and encompasses everything you need to know about using text effectively in your graphics.

Keep in mind, not all of the modules will be full of exciting information, and the topic may even seem a bit drab. It’s really important that you stick it out and come to a full understanding of typography in order to create polished graphics that communicate the right message to your audience and get you the clicks and sales that your content deserves.

This course is a mixture of Text, Recordings like this one, and Video. Recordings and Video tutorials will show up at the beginning of the module if it’s been provided for that section. If you prefer to read, the video slides have been provided.

Don’t forget to join my free Facebook group, Marketing Through Design. It’s the perfect place for you to get community support for this course, to ask me questions, and to receive design feedback.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in and learn all about typography!

Designing with Typography

Learn how your choice in typography affects your graphics and business as a whole + how to create polished graphics that attract customers and promote sales.

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