Email Open Rate Booster by Kimi Kinsey

Email Open Rate Booster

Increase your email open rates so you can get more eyes on your message, clicks on your links, and money in your wallet.

They aren't opening your emails...

Which means they aren't reading anything you have to say... much less clicking on your links and buying anything from you. You want your list to shine, and you're sick of riding the email marketing struggle bus. They'd love you! - if only you could just get them to open up your emails, right?

Help is on the way...

Get lifetime access to the course that will show you how to improve your email open rates and get more eyes on your message so you can earn money from your list.
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Here's what you get:

Everything you need to know so that you can get people actually opening your emails more often, reading what you have to say, clicking on your offerings, and buying through your links.

  • Email marketing basics - to help you understand the fundamentals.
  • An understanding of Open Rates, what affects them so that you can make the better choices.
  • What may be affecting your open rates (IE Why your open rates totally suck) so that you can avoid making those mistakes.
  • An assessment of your open rates so you can gauge where you're at with your email marketing, and what you can do behind the scenes to improve your rate
  • 5 Easy to implement tips that you can use to form your strategy to improve your open rates and get people invested in reading your emails.
  • A whole bunch of email subject line examples you can use to entice people to open up and read!

What's included?

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Course Introduction
Introduction to Email Open Rate Booster
Email Marketing Jargon
3 mins
What are Open Rates?
3 mins
What is a Click Through Rate?
1 min
Why Your Open Rates SUCK
3 mins
Assessing Your List
Open Rate Scale
What's Impacting Your Open Rates?
Improving Your Open Rates
Tip #1: Sender Name
Tip #2: Timing
Tip #3: Nurturing
Tip #4: Resending
Tip #5: Subject Lines
Types of Subject Lines
Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
Pain Points
Wrapping It Up...
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