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Get Pinned Academy

Pinterest Education Made Easy and Affordable.

Your Pinterest journey starts now.

Pinterest-approved pinning strategies that work, higher converting pin images, and more efficient pinning await you in Get Pinned Academy.

Make pin-worthy images

It's not enough to get your content seen - find out how to design pin-worthy images that people actually want to click on.

Pin more efficiently

Stop wasting so much of your valuable time pinning and learn how to spend only 1 hour per week on scheduling up to 50 pins per day.

Put the algorithm to work

Learn the ins and outs of the Pinterest algorithm and how to make it work in your favor by following simple guidelines. Celebrate your content getting shown again and again!

Hi! I'm Kimi Kinsey...

I’ve already taught over 1,000 students about Pinterest and now I’m really excited to share the same tools, tips, and strategies with YOU that skyrocketed my business, helped me grow an email list, and increased my sales.

Cate learned new strategies...

Pinterest is such an important platform for me as a blogger. Learning how to optimize my Pinterest account and create graphics that actually convert to blog traffic was essential for my growth. Thankfully Kimi’s course came to me at the perfect time!

She laid everything out in such a clear, simple way. Even as a long-time Pinterest user, I learned some new strategies and design tips that have helped me to increase my traffic from Pinterest.
Cate Rosales | Sweet & Simple Life

What do you get?

How does more than 40 Pinterest-specific tutorials comprised of transcription, text, and video tutorials sound? Pretty good, eh? Check this out...

What's included?

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Here's what you can expect...

Welcome to Get Pinned Academy!
Pinterest Basics
The Algorithm
Smart Feed
Good Design Basics – a Crash Course on graphic design
Rule 1: KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid
Rule 2: White Space
Rule 3: Provide Enough Contrast
Rule 4: Establish Visual Hierarchy
Rule 5: Use Appropriate Font Styles
Pin Design Basics – What every pin MUST have
Anatomy of a Basic Pin
Must have #1: Headline
Must have #2: Your Website / URL
Must have #3: Your branding
Call to Actions – What they are, and how to use them
Bad Pin Examples and how to fix them
We're all guilty of bad pins at some point...
Example 1: Not enough white space
Example 2: Lack of contrast
Example 3: Too many "effects" (Fx)
Video Tutorial: How to make beautiful Pinterest Graphics
Weird Facts about Pin Design
Weird Fact 1: People don’t like faces
Weird Fact 2: Busy backgrounds are distracting
Weird Fact 3: Multiple colors dominate
Pinterest SEO - Best Description Practices
What is a Pinterest Description?
The best way to provide your pin image description to Pinterest
Why you need to stop using your Alt Tags for descriptions
Pinterest SEO - Finding and using Keywords
What are keywords?
How to use keywords
Where to find keywords
Where to use keywords
Hashtags? On Pinterest!?
Guide to Hashtags
2.19 MB
Video Tutorial: How to find hashtags
Pinning Strategy
Account Relevancy
Multiple Pin Images
Different Descriptions
Board Relevancy
Pinning Order
Fake Engagement
Tailwind Tutorials
What is Tailwind?
Why use Tailwind?
Setting up your account
Creating a pinning schedule
Video Tutorial: Board Lists
Video Tutorial: Batch Pinning
Video Tutorial: Tailwind Tribes
You've completed Get Pinned Academy

Jordan and Jean are loving it...

Pinterest has always been my number one blog referral as a designer. I was always able to create good graphics for Pinterest. But, I didn’t have a strategy in place to make the most out of the platform. 

After following Kimi’s guidance, I now have a strategy for Pinterest that I can feel confident about and that helps my business grow.
Jordan Prindle | Jordan Prindle Designs
Get Pinned Academy is the best course to empower you to create drool worthy pins that get shared and help you drive traffic to your blog or business.

I’ve taken other Pinterest courses, some by big named entrepreneurs with tribes that are enviable, and Kimi Kinsey’s Get Pinned Academy taught me SO much more than any of the other courses did. I highly recommend Get Pinned Academy, it’s a cut above the rest.
Jean Peterson | Make Time Now
Get Pinned Academy was designed to teach you Pinterest at its very core. It combines my knowledge of graphic design, marketing, and Pinterest strategies into a fool-proof system that has already worked for over 1,000 students!

I’m so confident that you’ll love this course that I am offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you complete this course, and you can prove that you implemented my strategies with no results… I’ll give you a full refund.

Hi 👋🏻 My name is Kimi Kinsey.

I am the founder of The Blog Dept.®! I fell into owning an online business. And then I fell into it again, and again... until I realized that being an entrepreneur is what fuels my soul and gives me reason to wake up every morning. I help entrepreneur hopefuls like you find your path, make quick moves, and grow a profitable online business.


Can’t I just get this course info for free?

While you might be able to find some of the information for free, you’ll waste a lot of time digging through hundreds of outdated blog posts in search of strategies and information that no longer work. This course will save you a lot of time and frustration… all while being updated with the latest strategies.

What format is the course content delivered in?

The course materials are comprised of text, images, video, and transcript for the best delivery of the content for your learning experience.

Do you offer refunds or guarantees?

Yes! if you complete this course and can prove that you implemented all of my strategies and have seen no results from this course, I will provide you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

How long do I have access to this course?

How does forever sound? You will have lifetime access to Get Pinned Academy – including any updates.