Guide to Pinterest Hashtags by Kimi Kinsey

Guide to Pinterest Hashtags

How to find and use hashtags on Pinterest

Hashtags... on Pinterest!?

Hashtags are a valuable way to help your content break into the Pinterest algorithm. In this mini course, you will learn how to find hashtags relevant to your content and how to use them.

You'll also get LIFETIME ACCESS to my Pinterest Hashtag Database with over 1,000 Pinterest-friendly hashtags in more than 20 categories / niches.

Hi! I'm Kimi Kinsey...

I’ve already taught over 1,000 students about Pinterest and now I’m really excited to share the same tools, tips, and strategies with YOU that skyrocketed my business, helped me grow an email list, and increased my sales.

What's included?

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What's a Hashtag?
Hashtags? On Pinterest!?
Video Tutorial: How to find hashtags
Pinterest Hashtag Database
What's Next?
Learn More about Pinterest
Become an Affiliate!

Hi 👋🏻 My name is Kimi Kinsey.

I am the founder of The Blog Dept.®! I fell into owning an online business. And then I fell into it again, and again... until I realized that being an entrepreneur is what fuels my soul and gives me reason to wake up every morning. I help entrepreneur hopefuls like you find your path, make quick moves, and grow a profitable online business.


Is it really lifetime access?

Yes! You get access to my Pinterest Hashtag Database for life - including any updates.

Is this mini course included in Get Pinned Academy?

Yes! The Guide to Hashtags and access to my Pinterest Hashtag Database are included in Get Pinned Academy.

I created this as a separate mini course for those wanting to purchase this guide separately. At any time, you can request to upgrade to Get Pinned Academy, and you'll only be charged the difference.