How to A.C.E. Your Social Media by Kimi Kinsey

How to A.C.E. Your Social Media

What's included?

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Welcome to How to A.C.E. Your Social Media
3 mins
Misconceptions About Social Media
2 mins
What Does it Mean to A.C.E. Your Social Media?
2 mins
How to Build Your Authority
2 mins
Four Types of Media
8 mins
Authority Building Prompts
What It Means To Connect
3 mins
How to Connect with An Audience
2 mins
Connection Building Prompts
Why Engagement Matters
3 mins
Getting Engagement
2 mins
Engagement Building Prompts
Platforms to A.C.E.
What A.C.E. Looks Like
9 mins
7 mins
5 mins
5 mins
Which Platform Should You A.C.E.?
Scheduling Social Media
Why Schedule?
What to Schedule
Video: SmarterQueue - Getting Started + Connecting Profiles
6 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Creating Categories
5 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Post Planning
11 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Posting Plan for Twitter
9 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Posting Plan for LinkedIn
6 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Finding Fresh Content
15 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Engagement over SQ
5 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Easy Content Creation Using Blog Posts
18 mins
Video: Using SmarterQueue to Post Affiliated Content
12 mins
Video: Planoly - Scheduling Instagram
22 mins
Engagement in Action
Instagram - Interacting with the Feed
19 mins
Instagram: Interacting with Stories
16 mins
Facebook - Interacting with Groups
14 mins
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