How to A.C.E. Your Social Media by Kimi Kinsey

How to A.C.E. Your Social Media

The easy way to express your authority, connect with the right audience, and increase post engagement on multiple social media platforms.

What's included?

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Welcome to How to A.C.E. Your Social Media
3 mins
Misconceptions About Social Media
2 mins
What Does it Mean to A.C.E. Your Social Media?
2 mins
How to Build Your Authority
2 mins
Four Types of Media
8 mins
Authority Building Prompts
What It Means To Connect
3 mins
How to Connect with An Audience
2 mins
Connection Building Prompts
Why Engagement Matters
3 mins
Getting Engagement
2 mins
Engagement Building Prompts
Platforms to A.C.E.
What A.C.E. Looks Like
9 mins
11 mins
5 mins
5 mins
Which Platform Should You A.C.E.?
Scheduling Social Media
Why Schedule?
What to Schedule
Video: SmarterQueue - Getting Started + Connecting Profiles
6 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Creating Categories
5 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Post Planning
11 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Posting Plan for Twitter
9 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Posting Plan for LinkedIn
6 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Finding Fresh Content
15 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Engagement over SQ
5 mins
Video: SmarterQueue - Easy Content Creation Using Blog Posts
18 mins
Video: Using SmarterQueue to Post Affiliated Content
12 mins
Video: Planoly - Scheduling Instagram
22 mins
Engagement in Action
Instagram - Interacting with the Feed
19 mins
Instagram: Interacting with Stories
16 mins
Facebook - Interacting with Groups
14 mins
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