How to build a Free Resource Library by Kimi Kinsey

How to build a Free Resource Library

A guide to creating a gorgeous, organized resource library that promotes your email list and sales.

Hey there fellow creative...

Want to create an irresistable library of freebies that attracts subscribers and helps you build an email list of your biggest cheerleeders? - Of course you do!

The big question is... do you want it to look professional?
Bigger question... do you want to do it right?

Hi! I'm Kimi Kinsey...

I love helping you connect the dots between marketing and design.

I create free courses like this one to teach you the "why" behind some of entrepreneurship's most popular marketing tactics.
When I finally decided to redesign my website I knew that I wanted to rebuild my free resource library but had no idea where to begin. It was perfect timing to see Kimi's course come through in my email, and she did a wonderful job creating a helpful and easy-to-understand course. Within only a few hours I had my resource library up and running, and looking fantastic.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to create an organized resource library!
Heather Rutledge | Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Word

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos File Icon 6 files Text Icon 3 text files


Introduction + Disclaimer
2 mins
Tools to Use + Why
10 mins
Mistakes to Avoid
Mistake #1: No End Game
3 mins
Mistake #2: Too many freebies
2 mins
Mistake #3: Making the Resource Library the Opt In
4 mins
Setting Yourself Up for Success
9 mins
Creating a Library with Elementor
Before You Watch the Videos...
Resource Library Tour
9 mins
Creating a Page + Inserting Template
4 mins
Organizing Your Free Resources
11 mins
Bonus: Making Opt In Forms in Elementor
11 mins
What Next?
Make Money from Your Freebies
Learn More About Email Marketing
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Who is the course for?

Creatives seeking to create a Free Resource Library as an email list building incentive.

Will I need specific tools?

I cover two major tools in this course: ConvertKit & Essential Grid Plugin. This course was designed to showcase the best possible tools for the job, and so it focuses exclusively on those.

You may find the information in this course useful even without utilizing these tools as I cover more than the technical aspects of creating a Resource Library.