Mastering Tailwind by Kimi Kinsey

Mastering Tailwind

How to use Tailwind for efficient pinning

Do you want to learn how to schedule a month's worth of pins in less than one hour per week?

Is it taking you forever to pin those recommended 30-50 pins per day?
Take back your day with this mini course!

Learn everything about Tailwind including setting your account up for success, how to use Tailwind Tribes, and my most efficient pinning strategies.

Hi! I'm Kimi Kinsey...

I’ve already taught over 1,000 students about Pinterest and now I’m really excited to share the same tools, tips, and strategies with YOU that skyrocketed my business, helped me grow an email list, and increased my sales.

What's included?

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Welcome to Mastering Tailwind
How to use Tailwind
What is Tailwind?
Why use Tailwind?
Setting up your account
Creating a pinning schedule
Video Tutorial: Board Lists
Video Tutorial: Batch Pinning
Video Tutorial: Tailwind Tribes

Who is Kimi Kinsey?

I absolutely adore affiliate marketing, because it’s such an easy way to earn money from your blog – all by talking about the products you buy and love.

I made this course specifically for bloggers who can’t figure out why they aren’t making money from their blog posts… and especially the people who really need to make this whole blogging thing work out for them.

I wanted to make a BIG impact because I understand the struggle of needing to work from home (whatever your reas


Who is this course for?

This course is for those seeking more efficient pinning strategies through the use of Tailwind, an affordable and robust Pinterest scheduling tool.

This course was designed for beginners and intermediate Tailwind users.

Is this mini course included in Get Pinned Academy?

Yes! Mastering Tailwind is included in Get Pinned Academy.

I created this as a separate mini course for those wanting to purchase it separately. At any time, you can request to upgrade to Get Pinned Academy, and you'll only be charged the difference.