Money-Making Freebies by Kimi Kinsey

Money-Making Freebies

What's included?

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Introduction + Disclaimer
2 mins
Training Overview
6 mins
Types of Freebies
4 mins
Common Mistakes
6 mins
How to Make Money From Freebies
Free Doesn't Equal Basic
7 mins
Teach them how to use a product
10 mins
Share Your Favorite Products
13 mins
Upsell Your Next Offer
4 mins
Put in a Tripwire
3 mins
Discounted Bump Offer
4 mins
Important Things to Consider
Double Opt In
8 mins
If Freebie isn't a Course, eBook, or Webinar
12 mins
eBooks in Course Format
7 mins
If You're an Amazon Affiliate
3 mins
Disclosing Affiliate Links
3 mins
Videos Can Work Hard
3 mins
Other Goodies
Freebie Making Resources
13 mins
Original Live Recording
Original Full-Length Training
(2h 03m 07s)
Original "Slides"
What's Next?
Feedback Survey
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