Start a Money Making Blog by Kimi Kinsey

Start a Money Making Blog

Learn how to start a money making blog of your own using the same step-by-step processes and tools that pro bloggers use.

What's included?

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Before you get started...
Start Here!
So Why Blogging?
How much money do bloggers make?
Should YOU start a blog?
Tips for Successful Blogging
Pre-Blogging Prep Workbook
Workbook Directions + Download
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Who do you serve?
What is the purpose of your blog?
What is your blogging budget?
What are your revenue streams?
Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
How much time do you have for blogging?
Do you have the qualities of a blogger?
Setting Up Your Blog for Success!
How To Set Up Hosting & Install WordPress With Lyrical Host
How To Set Up Hosting & Install WordPress With Siteground
What to do after installing WordPress
Useful Plugins every blogger needs
Create some important pages
Creating Content + Making Money
How to write blog posts people want to read
How Bloggers Make Money
Woohoo! You're Ready!