The Starter Guide to Email Marketing by Kimi Kinsey

The Starter Guide to Email Marketing

Email Marketing should be a pleasant experience for your audience and especially for you. If you feel like it’s not… like you’re constantly feeling forced to email your list and you don’t know what you should be emailing them about, keep reading!

You need a list, they said...

You have heard over and over that you need an email list.

They tell you to make free stuff to get people to sign up. They tell you that the money is in your list, and that you should be emailing people regularly to tell them to buy your stuff.

They didn’t teach you how to not be gross about your email marketing.

That’s where this ebook comes in.
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Get the eBook that's going nurture your relationship with your audience and lead to more sales, with less emails.

I’ve got a particular email marketing style that’s working pretty damn well for me – if I do say so myself. My way of doing this has helped me nurture an audience of over 10,000 subscribers with one of the best open rates (that I know of) in my industry.

That’s what this ebook is about… Giving you the insight so that you can implement it for yourself in a way that feels right for you and your audience.

What if you could...

  • Attract an audience that loves your offerings, but more importantly... YOU.

  • Grow your list the right way (you should seriously be intrigued by that statement, because you'd be surprised at how many "experts" are teaching you totally wrong and screwing up your list BIG TIME).

  • Always email the right people - the ones who are actually interested in anything you have to say, much less offer to sell to them.

  • Stop constantly stressing out over needing to email your list.

What's included?

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