The Inbox Sweep Method for Gmail Users by Kimi Kinsey

The Inbox Sweep Method for Gmail Users

The amount of email you have in your inbox is overwhelming. When did it even get this bad!?
Sort out inbox and get it back to zero with this tried and true, easy to implement method.

Introducing the Inbox Sweep Method...

You're tired of having thousands of unopened emails and a terribly unorganized inbox (maybe even several). Let me show you exactly what steps to take so that you can quickly (and safely!) rid your Gmail of this mess.

Girl, you don't need this stress in your life.

I know you. You have several Gmail accounts - probably one that was meant to be for your business, another for your personal stuff, and probably others you created for any number of reasons you came up with.

Let me guess... They are all an epic mess, right? You subscribed to newsletters, gave online shops your email in exchange for 15% off your first purchase (some of which you forgot to use), or downloaded someone's freebie 6+ months ago.

You started off well enough. You deleted emails here and there, but especially around the holidays, it just got out of control. When did you even get this much email!? You probably don't remember who half of these people are.

At first it didn't seem like such a big deal. But now you're missing important emails you would have loved to read, or worse... actually needed. Your inbox has become a graveyard for unopened emails.

You just want to clean this mess up, but it's gotten so out of control that the task seems daunting at this point. Ugh. So it just keeps piling on.

Take a deep breath. Let's clean up your inbox and get you organized, shall we?

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